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Do Car Covers Protect From Heat?

Yes, car covers can provide some level of protection from heat, although the degree of protection may vary depending on the type and quality of the cover, as well as other factors. Here's how car covers can help protect your vehicle from heat:

  1. Shade

    Car covers provide shade to safeguard your car from heat. Direct sunlight can cause significant damage to the interior of your car, such as the dashboard, upholstery, and other internal parts, by making it unbearably hot. It also blocks the sun's rays and keeps the interior cooler.

  2. UV Protection

    Premium vehicle covers frequently have UV-resistant properties that effectively block a substantial amount of the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. These rays can cause the paint and exterior surfaces of your vehicle to fade over time, but a cover can minimize this effect.

  3. Heat Insulation

    Some vehicle covers are designed with heat-resistant or reflective materials that help insulate the vehicle. These covers effectively limit the amount of heat that is transferred from the exterior of the car to its interior, creating a more comfortable temperature inside.

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Protective Car Cover
Part Number: 9487482
Other Names: Protection
Description: An elegant cover specially sewn for your car. Protects from dirt when the car is not used for extended periods of time. The light grey...
  • Volvo:
    • S60
MSRP $403.58
MSRP $403.58
Side Bracket Screw
Part Number: 982758
Options: Left Outer, Left Front, Left Upper, Left Rear, Right Outer, Right Front, Right Upper, Right Rear, Front Outer, Front, Front Upper, Front Rear
Other Names: Support Bracket Screw, Sun-Visor Bolt, Sun-Visor Screw, Cover Panel Screw, Sound Simulator Bolt, Washer Reservoir Bolt, Sound...
Replaces: 30811891, 946934, 949845, 981487
  • Volvo:
    • C30,
    • C40 Recharge,
    • C70,
    • S40,
    • S60,
    • S60 Cross Country,
    • S90,
    • V50,
    • V60,
    • V60 Cross Country,
    • V70,
    • V90 Cross Country,
    • XC40,
    • XC40 Recharge,
    • XC60,
    • XC70,
    • XC90
MSRP $1.91
MSRP $1.91
854 Car Cover
Part Number: 8551428
MSRP $79.11
MSRP $79.11

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